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The event images are up. Click here to view the image gallery or here to view the slideshow.

We did it!

Thank you to every one for making art, organizing, supporting, and attending The Hatchery: East of Fresno. We are still glowing and hope you are too. Check out the fantastic coverage we got in the Fresno Bee, the largest paper in the southern San Joaquin Valley. Several published articles and blog posts were written.

Artists were asked two questions by arts editor Donald Munro:

  • • Tell me about the work you're going to have in the show.
  • • Why are you participating in this event and why do you think it's important?

Here are answers from over half of the East of Fresno artists and curators, which were published in their entirety as a blog post:
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Photographer John Walker from the Bee came for the event and was given a tour of the exhibit by curator Anné Klint. See the show through his lens at the Bee's online gallery:
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Donald Munro himself came up on Saturday and wrote this review:
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Read the curator's statement as seen in the exhibition:
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