East of Fresno

 eof_flyerSeptember 24 & 25, 2011

The Hatchery: East of Fresno is a contemporary art exhibition that will take place in Badger, California (approximately 54 miles east of Fresno) on September 24 and 25, 2011. Forty artists and performers from the West and East coasts of the US as well as international artists will make work responding to a unique site evolved from successive layers of prior communities.

The compound, now known as the HATCHERY, was originally built as Synanon, a drug rehabilitation facility, and later re-purposed as a Muslim religious community. Its current use as a seasonal arts destination in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada makes the HATCHERY the latest realization of purposeful community.

By inviting artists of various disciplines to interact with the site, the curators of The Hatchery: East of Fresno hope to make the simple directional cue of the title transcend location to become a significant site of experience. It will be known simply by its plain description, like an intuitional spirit pointing the way and asking one to go on faith that something marvelous is “that way.” The Hatchery: East of Fresno will lend the directional a sense of destiny.



Bill Doherty
Anné M. Klint
Bachrun LoMele
Tom McGlynn


Dori Atlantis
Sally Apfelbaum
Kevin Bowman
Lex Calip
Robin Lee Crutchfield
Carlos de Villasante
Anna Dembska
Elizabeth Dorbad
Arthur Dyson
Glenn Garver
Andrea Hawks
Buck Henri
Wendy Hirschberg

Matt Hopson-Walker
Jelle Kampen
Eric Knoote
Adam Longatti
Ron Longsdorf
Petra Mattheis
Robert Mertens
Laura Napier
Tressa Pack
Rick Preston
Amie T. Rangel
Matthew Rangel
Stefan Riebel

Sheila Ross
David Sanchez Burr
Nicole Shaffer
Walter Sipser
James Stark
Eric Strasberg
Laura Ten Eyck
Bruce Tomb
Rob van der Schoor
Rachel Marie Van Pelt
Tenesh Webber
Aaron Williams
Jane Ziegler


Bob Thornburg, Chris Lopez, Craig Tisdale and Warren Casey
John Spivey reading from his new book “A Redneck Siddhartha”



Printworks (College of the Sequoias) and Fresno State Print Club


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East of Fresno Curatorial Statement