Thanks to all who contributed work, presence, heart, and soul towards an incredible art experience at The Hatchery: Fortress exhibition this fall.

 The Hatchery: Fortress lives on at the UAMO Festival/Munich, the culmination of the 2015-16 International City Tour, to be held April 28-May 1, 2016. Two Hatchery artists will represent this exhibition in Munich; they will be chosen in February. Follow the progression of all the world’s participants on the City Tour.

Fresno Bee cultural arts critic Donald Munro made the trek to the Hatchery. Here’s his preview.

Fortress Image Gallery

Participating Artists:
Dori Atlantis + Karen Frimkess Wolff (Los Angeles)
Lexygius Calip (Philippines / Chicago)
Rob Divers Herrick (San Francisco)
Eco Village Project of Fresno (California)
Elizabeth Dorbad (Bay Area)
Glen Farley (Canada / Norway)
Greg Fraser (Scotland / Oakland)
Rebecca Gourevitch (Bay Area)
Nasim Hantehzadeh (Chicago / Los Angeles)
Max Buck Henri (New York City)
Phillip Andrew Lewis (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
Bachrun LoMele + Anna Dembska (Pinehurst, California and Camden, Maine)
Myra Margolin (Washington DC)
Muriel Montini (Paris)
Shana Moulton (Oakhurst, California / Germany)
Stefan Riebel (Berlin)
Byron Russell (Fresno)
Nicole Shaffer + Carrie Elzey (Oakland and Atlanta)
James Stark (Sultana, California)
Bob Thornburg (Badger, California)
Rachel Van Pelt (Reno, Nevada)
Yurt City — Sheila Ross and Laura Ten Eyck (New York City)


Special thanks:
Jack Huneke and Julie Harcos
Rifka Several
Jane Ziegler
John Kraft
Marwan LoMele
Caro Ludwig
Bree Rockbrand
Marine Miglio
Byron Russell
Dennis Point
Raul Garcia
Bob Thornburg
Natalie Lesly
Vangelis Lympouridis


Opening night party makers:
DJ: Mychal Alva aka Low-key
Laser light show: John Kraft

Donors and supporters:
Jack Huneke and Julie Harcos
Rachmat Martin
Camille Russell
Seedling Design
Eric & Miriam Strasberg

Rob Divers Herrick
James Stark

Bill Doherty
Anné M. Klint
Bachrun LoMele

Mahalia LoMele

Fortress Curatorial Statement